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While decorating the home the most common dilemma is what color is the best. Each color and hue has its own importance. The brown color represents the earth. Here are some ways to décor the bedroom with unused brown color

Add woods and leather to enhance the coziness of the room.

Add different shades of brown

Add wood paneling. This grandmother paneling when paired with eye catching bedroom painting makes the room look sleek and beautiful.

Add brown color to a small bathroom. It will make it look bigger. Pair it with granite countertop and rich salmon accessories.

Add contrasting colors like tiled wall and white pottery is a neat trick to consider.

What works best for the room is blending the various shades of brown like terracotta, rust red and turquoise. This design reminds of Native American Work.

You can even décor home office with brown color. The animal pattern is the best.

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