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In the present times, contemporary living has become a new trend. It has affected our daily lives. Commencing from cars to fashion to technology to the world of design, contemporary has entered every domain. Majority of us use contemporary and modern interchangeably. It is actually a refreshing break from conventional style of 1920s and 1950s. From adding light in dark spaces to floor plans. There are innumerable ways to go modern. Here are 10 ways to add contemporary flair to your interior:


Incorporate Lights into the room– When you are talking about modern and post modern designs. It is crucial to remember that these design periods started in the 1920s-1960s era. At that point of time interior decoration was subject to bondage, but modern designs are free and gives you independence to do whatever your want. To put it simply, it let helps your creative juice to flow. Go and select the right floor plan. It lets natural light to flow trough the floor to glass windows, skylights, solar tubes and translucent glass.




Go for subtle color with accents of vibrant color-Using neutral shades of gray, brown, and white for furnishing, flooring, lighting fixtures and textiles. Contemporary color leaves an impact and lets your imagination to soar high. Selecting right kind of textures and patterns is crucial. Just because you use neutral colors it doesn’t mean that your interior need to be boring. Textural sea grass furniture is beautiful and grabs attention easily.


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Use natural materials to create beautiful exterior-Instead of opting for natural materials like wood furniture, you can replace the same with contemporary furniture or make use of natural and organic materials like leather furniture for interior, simple decorative elements displayed on the deck. The contemporary period of living has undergone a paradigm shift and it makes sense using organic materials like rock,slate, teak, cotton, wool and other gorgeous accouterments and modern furnishing. It is now limited to traditional home uses.
Add spaciousness and airiness to your home

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Furniture designers has commenced with a creative concepts in sofas, tables and home furnishings. It reflects your signature style, preferences, taste. Stuffy and heavy furniture can be substituted with clean linear lines and this paves way to contemporary designs and thus making your home light in weight and casual in terms of livability. Furniture when raised off from the floor give weightlessness appeal and lets your home to adopt similar kind of quality.



Bare floors in unique finishes– The contemporary age of living has made way to unique materials, but it also gives a relaxed feeling to interiors of the home. Bare floors like hardwoods, ceramic and porcelain tiles looks great. In order to get the most incorporate area rugs to keep underfoot walking comfortable and it of course makes the space visually appealing, especially the living room and dining room areas. Consider opting for resilient flooring into your home to lend that modern touch.


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