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When decorating a room, it is not crucial to think about a single color scheme at a time. Depending upon spaces one can easily link color scheme with home in order to get fabulous results. And through this method one can save money too. Creating color schemes for a particular room is an easy strategy. It is simple to tackle a particular place and then you can make choices later on. But giving room a relation to each other with help of colors is difficult to do so, but it is worthwhile and it truly creates harmonious atmosphere. Whether your preferences are bold, subtle, you can select any of them depending upon your requirements.



Need to link colors with room
There are enough of reasons why to link rooms with color. Here we have mentioned reasons for the same:


To make room relaxing and rejuvenating– Colors that commence from one space to another creates an eye catchy feeling, as you move towards the home, it creates an ease that one cannot achieve unless there is some common themes. It doesn’t mean that every room needs to have similar shade on the walls, ceilings, soft furnishings, accessories. It simply means that colors should not be repeated from one space to another.


To make rooms look large– Adding colors to your home makes your room look large. Contrasting color schemes will add a feeling of boundaries between your rooms, but by repeating shades these divisions are blurred. The overall effect of color scheme is it makes your space look big and it is a benefit that many of us will appreciate.

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It saves money– Repeating color schemes will make your budget go higher. For instance, furniture and accessories can be moved from one place to another in order to give a rejuvenating look to the room. Further, it can be changed depending upon time of year and they will work perfectly with different location.


How to link colors with room

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Well, it is frequently asked question how to link color scheme with room. Here we have answered the same:

Try to use woodwork– One of the easiest way to link color scheme with different elements of room is just by adding woodwork in home. For example, one can incorporate window frames, skirting boards, doors, etc. Don’t go for high gloss brilliant white wooden frame. Instead opt for lower sheen soft white woodwork. It might suit your room better.

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Repeat– Using similar paint color schemes on the walls of room is easy. Don’t worry much about variety, as you can achieve this by blending other elements of the room. You can even add flooring, fabrics, and accessories accordingly. Bear in mind the idea is to link room rather than creating a repetition.


Select accent shades– One of the best ways is to link color cue with wallpaper of a room and use paint for other spaces. Again the color should be common, it will create a theme thus making your home look beautiful.


Accentuate with accessories and fabrics– Another easy route is to link room with fabrics. For instance, you can incorporate cushions and other upholstery items featuring a wall from different space. It will certainly create a flow of color.


How to select a palette-You need to create a color palette for the whole room or use at least one palette for a particular floor. To link room, it’s better to work with three major colors from your color palette. You can even vary the balance of the colors in order to make your home look fantastic. As with the scheming effect, try to think about the overall effect that you want to create. A color wheel can help a lot in this case.


Select a toning scheme– Try to understand the color wheel and select a color depending upon your needs and preferences. It is the best strategy to link room with color schemes.


Select a contrasting theme– You can even go for contrasting colors and see the overall effect. It is the most dramatic way to add interest to your room.

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Select Textures and Tones– Using just a single color but selecting various tints darker or lighter to create a color palette are good. Like you can select a monochromatic scheme- it can be really effective to pull it off. For more interest, one can even add patterns and textures. It also helps in creating variety.


Thus, by following above-mentioned points one can easily create a beautiful room.