Candle Drape Interior Design Blogs

The best way to control the intensity of light-is to add drapes in the home. Do you know difference between curtains and drapes? Most people think they are one and same thing..though they are not.

Curtains or drapes.. which one is the best


Curtains are lighter, transparent, casual and comes without pleats. They are budget friendly and you should avoid them in bathrooms and the kitchens. Drapes on the other hand are richer, thicker and more intricate. Rooms are places where your guests get entertained, this is where you need to have drapes.

Which one to choose during summer and winter months


Light curtains are the best option for modern and airy space and drapes on other hand keep your home warm, so it is best for winters.

What to choose?

It totally depends upon the color scheme of your home.