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Bathroom is the coolest and the most neglected part of the home. In this article, we have provided you tips on how to give facelift to the bathroom.

Design and practical needs

Before changing the look of the bathroom, it is utmost important to think about overall look of the bathroom. There are various factors that you need to consider like you need to give thought to paint, tiles, flooring, shower, faucets, to name a few. It can be a bit tedious task, hence it is important to do extensive research and follow some good bathroom design ideas. You can start from small and then move to big. While designing a bathroom you need to think about
Design that you need to incorporate

It should complement with overall look of the home
Design should always be made in such a manner that is practical and handy. Even while designing a bathroom you can take a moment to think about how to increase its resale value.

There are 3 things that you need to consider while revamping
• Overall size of the bathroom- whether it is small or large
• Location of the bathroom
• Plumbing related requirements
• Electrical wiring
• Standard dimension of the bathroom
• Fixtures of the bathroom
• Last but not the least; don’t forget to make measurements of the bathroom before you buy any item. As it is the most frustrating thing to shop without taking adequate measurements, thus buying stuff that doesn’t fit.
Ensure that everything is done in a correct manner.
Hire a professional

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Do you think you can do your job on your own without any hassles? If your answer is resounding yes to this question, then think again! Yes! Though it may seem costly proposition, but hiring a professional for the job is the smartest thing to do. Given the complexity of job and operations involved like electrical, plumbing, tiling, it is the best option available. Hence, don’t be penny wise pound foolish; hire a professional who can help you in your bathroom interior design.
Create a separate checklist

Bathroom revamp can’t be done without remodelling or repairing the fixtures. It involves maintaining of separate checklist like items that you need to change-faucets, sinks, wash basins, commode, loos, shower heads.
Once you have made the list, second step is to repair the mirrors or shower doors
Other way to change the bathroom is to change its accessories like door handles, drawers, pulls for shower panels