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Bathroom is a place where you spend at least fraction of time. In this blog post, we provide you tips on how to make the bathroom beautiful:

Ventilation– Ventilation is important in humid areas like the bathroom. It can be a tricky task and it needs good planning.


Select the fan, position for installation and dealing with the electric wire. Poor ventilation will leave your bathroom damp, mouldy and it can even be dangerous to your health. A well ventilated bathroom, is a healthy bathroom. Continuous airflow is important to prevent decay of wooden fixtures.

Add green to the bathroom-even if you personally are not big fan of going green in one way or other, the market is trending towards this trend, so it is important to consider it. Also, there are several budget friendly options for adding green touch to the bathroom like a low flow toilet use less water, saves money in water bills, low VOC or no VOC paints, vanities made from harvested wood, recycled glass tile surface countertops, etc.