Feature Holi

Holi is the festival of colours and  time to strengthen the bond of love and friendship. In India this festival is treated as very special occasion, and on this special day always try to decorate your home in such a special way so it can be remembered  for years to come. It is the best time to decorate your if you are planning to throw a party to your family and friends.

Feature Holi

As the festival of colours  is  round the corner try to be the best host for holi party. Be it should be delicious food or attractive home décor. Although nobody is going play holi inside the home but decorations symbolize the colorful festival. You must try to make party memorable by doing something unique.

Follow the easy steps to ensure your guests to have great time to celebrate the festival of colors.

As per Indian tradition, Rangoli plays a very important role. It is the best way to welcome your guests. One can decorate the door patio, door entrance and outdoors with colorful Rangoli designs. One can use flower petals instead of colors to make Rangoli designs.

Colorful flower hangings can be used to hang on the doors, it seems exciting. Colorful flowers hangings have their own ethnic appearance and importance. Always use variety of flowers and arrange them in different ways may be hangings or other designs. You can place these flowers at different places to greet the guests. Flowers are the natural way to enjoy the festival of colors.

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Although the Holi festival is celebrated during day time but even at night you can decorate your home with different colors of lights. You can get colorful lights ornamentals in netted pendent lanterns can add additional beauty to your place.

Paper buntings are the oldest and traditional way to greet the guests and a better idea to decorate the party area. These are the popular items for party decorations.

Why to use old fashion thalis for Holi colours? You can always opt for some creative way to put the colours in earthen clay pots. It gives a new and fresh look to the festival. It gives a unique and fresh look. You can roll clay in some multiple snake like forms. Glue the both ends of sticks to make a circle.  These unique colorful designs make the look great.

Waterfilled colorful balloons can be used to decorate the home. It is a great concept for decoration. You can make bouquets of colorful balloons and tie them in different arrangements at various places may be the food area or at the gate or any other place.

You can add color to your rooms by using different colored bed spreads or sofa covers cushion covers of various colors and designs. Colored curtains are the better options.

Add these tips to increase the look of your party.