6 beautiful eco friendly decor ideas your home needs 5 3379 IFR 5 Interior Design Blogs

In these times when cost of living is soaring like a rocket it is always astonishing to reduce the bills of decoration of your house and help the environment. Normally there are practices to recycle the grey water or installing solar energy panels are the great ways to reduce expanses and save natural resources.

The ecofriendly décor movement has caught up momentum. There is no limit to when it comes to decoration of your home. Following are some great ideas to decorate home ecofriendly style which does not comes at the ideas which comes at the cost of environment.

6 beautiful eco friendly decor ideas your home needs 5 3379 IFR 5 Interior Design Blogs


Flea markets or second hand shops are the treasure of trendy furniture and other cool stuff which you yourself are not aware to how to use them. It may seems unusual to purchase second hand material from flea market. It is easy to get hand on hand these kind  of  items. . Surprisingly these items are   stunning addition to your furniture at your living room.

You can also do bit this planet by breathing new life into old furniture or repurposing house hold items as decorations. You can add old legs to old suitcase to turn into a display stand. Old ladder can be painted and used as bookshelf. Old rug can be used on the wall as painting. Looking old and unused lying items in a different way will add in handcrafted finish to your home.


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Add a punch of color to look your room bolder using pallets which are free from  volatile organic compounds. Gone are days when we used to decorate our home with white colors only. Now are the days to decorate the home with bright red colors. Color the single wall by creating shapes and lines. You can paint the rooms with using natural ingredients like water and vegetable oils or plant dyes. The dramatic red color will add a solid sense of style to your lounge or turquoise will flatter your bedroom.

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Give the candles a green tinge at your home. You can decorate the home with using candles which are just used when there is power cut. Candles can be having therapeutic qualities when infused with scent. These can be used as centerpiece at your dining table. The bright colored candles add personality to the room and will contrast with the colour of the walls in the rooms.


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Wooden furniture whether it is table couch or kitchen cabinet can give you some décor with some organic flavor. Buy furniture made from teak or mahogany or oak that gives the room with welcoming accent without damaging the planet.

Using eco friendly designs helps you to protect the environment. You can pursue your decorating dreams without having burden of extra financial burden to your pride possession.