diwali 2017 top 31 unique decoration ideas to beautify your

Diwali or Deepawali is the festival of lights being celebrated in India and Abroad by Indian communities all over. It is being celebrated in the month of October or November. It is celebrated by using shimmering lights and bright colors using string lights, candles, oil lamps crafts or colored flowers.

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When the festival of lights approaches it becomes to be in mood to decorating your home for festive season. Prior to festive season we start preparing for it in anticipation. Every  person becomes excited to prepare for the festival.

Diwali festival is the family affair which brings every one together in good spirits and start energizing the house with positive vibes. Here in this article we provide you some of the ideas to how to decorate your home within your budget.

Hanging grand lightings like charming chandelier on walls from one side to another creates festive ambience in your living room. This light up whole living room with air of sophistication. There is no better way to celebrate Diwali than with light galore.

There are many ways to decorate your garden. Garden will welcome the guest in your home. Traditionally, for Diwali earthen lamps or oil lamps are lit on the line the path of entrance to the house. Using lanterns on the trees or strings of lights on plants will add to the beauty of the house. Drape fairy lights over the plants will add to magical atmosphere in the garden.

Another simple way to decorate your rooms for this occasion to throw in some colorful cushions in. This will add splash of colors to liven up the house and set up the house in cheerful mood for the occasion. It will feel the guest comfy. The vibrant colors and funky design will add some modern design edge to a traditional festival.

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A simple age old way of beautifying your home is to use bright colored flowers. These creates a positive vibe in the home weather they are fake or real. Decorating in the elegant vases will make the world difference. This too will enhance the beauty of the space.

Make house smell good with aromatherapy candles, incense room sprays or diffusers. Smell has a strong link to the memory, so to create good, strong memories this Diwali use range of other fragrances. So this Diwali celebrate the festival with fragrances.

Prepare the pooja room is the important part of anticipating festival of Diwali. Give your pooja room a fresh look this Diwali by adding  contemporary  lights and giving splash of colors. You can play devotional songs or meditative chants to enhance the serene vibes and atmosphere in the pooja room.

There may be many other ideas for decorating your place on this festival given are the few.

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous Diwali.