The constitution of India was written on 26 Janurary 1950 and this earmarks a major day in the history of India, which is popularly called as the Republic Day.  This event is celebrated by great vigor and enthusiasm by the citizens. So, if you are one among those who wear patriotism on your sleeves, these home décor tips are meant for you.

How to give your home a makeover on this Republic day?

The celebration whether it big or small cannot be complete without decorating your surroundings appropriately. Decoration of the house with tricolour can inspire the kids at home with the spirit of nationalism in them and give the chance to think about of country.The idea of home decoration should be a mix of saffron,white and green.

Bedroom Decoration- The decoration can be started from your bedrooms. The first step could be to replace the furniture of the room, but it could pinch your pocket, so the best bet would be to change the upholstery.

Bedrooms also can be decorated by adding tricolour bedsheets, saffron, white, and green pillow covers. You can further accentuate the bedroom by using tri-color rugs and you can even add tri-color wallpaper to add an authentic touch.

Living room-Saffron drapes can be tried at the living room. Cushion covers should be of the green and white combination.

The expression of patriotism can be shown by displaying the craft work.Engage the family members to make or create tricolour items at your home,try for tricolour paper chains for your home or you can purchase saffron,white and green ballons to grace the occasion.These all can be decorated on the walls of rooms, the entrance can be decorated rangoli,colorful chimes and triolour ribbons, tricolour danglers can be added for the occasion.

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Garden decoration-Tricolour theme can be part of the garden too. You can add colourful flowers, which will enhance the ambiance and can add fresh greenery to the environment use your plants for decoration.Hand crafted danglers can add grace to the occasion, paper quellings tricolour flowers of paper craft can be hanged on the walls of the rooms.tricolur led lights can be added to your garden.

As the day marks the salute to free India with it”s own constitution tricolour dress code of the family members would an added attraction and can create enthusiasm in children.tricolour dress code will add a magical and patriotic touch.Kids bicycle can be decorated with tricolour ribbons and balloons on it. The contests could be organized for the children, wherein the winner needs to stack of colourful pictures of Indian leaders who helped us in attaining freedom and whosoever collect the highest will win the match. Singing national anthem or patriotic songs with children can be an added attraction.

Tricolour theme can be incorporated even in food like having tirangi barfi, sandwiches or tirangi kulfi or cream cocktail in saffron,white and green colour.

This way you can add a new look to the home, but at the same time be thoughtful of what we can do to make India a better nation.