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Kitchens are heart and soul of any home, hence it is important to consider the modern kitchen requirements. Modern Kitchens are bright in colors, display their curves and blend materials accordingly. Bright, warm, gentle are some of the attributes of the modern kitchen. It should be the one, which reflects your personality. Here are some ideas on how to add glamor to your kitchen and mistakes that you need to avoid, while decorating the same:
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Glam up your Kitchen
The simple trick to glam up the kitchen is to blend red, pink and white along with some clean lines to the kitchen. What will you get? Well, you’ll get a modern design with an elegant look.

Here are some tips on how to do so:


  • Colors should be inspired by fashion world with cool and subtle mix. Pick pink and purple and combine it with to get pure white and pearl.
  • You can go for some refinement with the materials. The furniture can be adorned with lacquered finish. Walls and tiles dressed up with iridescent glass, make the kitchen truly beautiful. Other ways to increase the glam quotient of the kitchen is to add mirrors to it that reflect the beauty of the kitchen in a different way or metallic mosaics. For kitchen counters, use a glass along with sanded finish and velvety touch.
  • Curves are the simple way and alleviated to the extreme. Anything, which is too technical, needs to be hidden. Handles can be hidden; the hood retracts or takes the form of light fixture. Colorful appliances are another way to improve the décor of the kitchen without breaking a bank.
  • You can pick the furniture items from traditional ones to be used for the living room. Seats, tables, counters and shelves with border that doesn’t fade away can be incorporated in the kitchen to give it a glamorous look. It is an ideal décor for the open kitchen.
  • You can pick up the furniture items from traditional ones to be used in the living room. The lightning also plays an important role in the room. So, don’t hesitate to select from chandelier or from suspended lights.



  • Avoid using shiny surfaces that hits the eyes badly. If you see the lacquered finishes on most of the surfaces, try having matte or satin walls or a counter made from concrete.
  • Another thing to avoid is using violent color contrasts like red and orange. It makes a pathetic color contrast, so use the things subtly with smoothness to avoid flashy décor.
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Incorporate White Color in the Kitchen

White Color is trendy and looks best for many contemporary kitchens. It is refined and exclusive color that enhances even the small space from small to large. Here’s how you can create white kitchen easily:
Pure white is the best option. Go for smooth and completely white surface over the gradients. With that said and done, next thing that you should do is to try shaded. Polymer sheets offer several finishes. Now, it is up to you to create contrasts. For instance, you can blend mat doors along with shiny stainless steel counters. Add the materials in the opposition to showcase them.

The recent trend is of multipurpose furniture. To avoid visual breaks, make the appliances that complement with the background.
Sometimes, you can break the evenness of the kitchen with a colorful touch like you can incorporate poster, vintage tools, ceramic pots, etc. Mix and match is the new mantra.

With all white color in the background, you need to revive the kitchen décor with the help of warm lightning. It is important that it should be integrated under the upper cabinets to illuminate the corner. You can even go for clear glass lamps suspended above the kitchen.

Things that you need to avoid

  • Glossy tiles, you need to avoid that is coupled with shiny surfaces. The glossy effect is not going to please you any more. Instead, opt for some contrast items that enhance the brightness of the paint, like wooden or concrete floor.
  • Escalate the colors. Pick the colors to underline the white, which will retain the soothing aspect of the kitchen.


Simple, flawless and warm are some attributes required to describe the nature based kitchen. The major benefit of this kitchen is it combines sleek design along with technology and authenticity.
What does that mean?
It means building the kitchen with fine materials like oak or ash to give the real look to the kitchen. Gray finishes are often preferred, as they add a sense of elegance and originality to the room. For handles, they need to be discrete and only be there to showcase the wood. Stainless steel appliances blend well.

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Combining black and wood is a popular option. The wood is ideal for the counter and with black for the sink, it will play contrast with the natural look to the room.
What to avoid?


  • Try adding flashy colors to the kitchen. Don’t ruin the simplicity of the kitchen with accessories that doesn’t complement with the overall décor of the kitchen. It’s time for elegance and chromatic unity.
  • Install wall cabinets. Though, they are useful, but they don’t fit well with the kitchen style and gives it a rustic look. Go for low storage units. If need arises, go for discrete shelves high up that can underline the counter.
  • Don’t accumulate too many things at one place. Avoid overloading of the shelves. Highlight the glassware with bone china or jars, rather than grocery items.