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The kitchen is one place that requires lot of planning; hence care must be taken in placing the appliances correctly or at correct height with the kitchen counter built to make the job of woman easier. The colors selected should match with the floor, cabinets and tile must be coordinated with the wall. Kitchen must appeal everyone, while keeping your functional aspects in mind too. And that includes walls, flooring, cabinets, the glazed tiles and the kitchen counter. The kitchen is a place where you not only cook delicious meals for your family, but also store space of all sorts; and; if it can be double up as dining area, then choice of dining furniture should complement with other fixtures of the kitchen, says renowned interior designer Sunil Jindal, the CEO of SVP Group. Anybody can walk from there and find out what he or she wants without having to rummage various things from the cabinet. This can happen only if the kitchen is comfortable to cook. Kitchen organization management is an art that needs to be mastered by the owners for peaceful living. Interior designers are of view point that most important of all appliances that are used on everyday basis like cook-top, the refrigerator and the sink. The sink performs most important functions in the kitchen. The ideal sink has two different basins, and mounted on the counter top and not under it.


Where to place sink?

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Ideally, every kitchen should have sink in the center and the refrigerator and the cooktop on the sides of the sink, irrespective of the kitchen shape. The placement of it ensures smooth workflow; removing supplies from the refrigerator, washing the vegetables in the sink and then gearing towards the cooking area must be done effortlessly. A chimney above the cook-top ensures that the kitchen is rid of all cooking fumes, which could affect the health of woman cooking the meals there.

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Where should be the kitchen located?

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The kitchen should be located at a place where it receives maximum sunlight during  the day. North, north-east corner, or east would be the best options. A couple of windows on the adjacent walls will ensure provision of cross ventilation too. The kitchen lighting is important as well especially over the cook top. Adequate electric points should be made available, so as to accommodate kitchen appliances like the microwave, toaster, the refrigerator and the oven.

Flooring in the kitchen


Ajay Agarwal, the director of Avalon Group clearly says that the flooring of the kitchen should be 1 cm lower than any other floors in the home. Ideally, the kitchen can be covered with marble tiles, ceramic tiles or terrazzo that is resistant to chemicals and slightly sloped towards drain. The kitchen should have minimum height of 2.75 m from the floor surface to the lowest point towards the ceiling. The counter top of the kitchen platform should be placed at the height of 30-36 inches. Some even prefer 32 inches. Most of the modular kitchen companies offer 36” counter. This can be calculated taking into account the height of woman working there to cook.

Storage units


Expert interior designer suggest that in case you are short in terms of space in the kitchen, you can opt for movable storage shelf that can double up as a  counter. Pull out shelves can be useful in organizing cutlery and grocery jar. It is important to find counter with adjustable height, so that it can be used to store different containers. Interior decorators say that you can have the cabinets under the kitchen counter too above the glazed tiles over the counter-top. Depending upon the kitchen size, you can arrange the utensils, cutlery in the wall and use well-appointed pull out drawers or shelves with neat handles. Every home reflects the personality of person living in; especially; the kitchen, so redesign your kitchen with great care and it should match above-mentioned parameters.

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