As we all know earthquake has shaken various cities. Whether the earthquake occurred in Nepal, Chile, Gujarat, Haiti, one thing remained common-yes it shook people and destroyed their homes. Let’s see if there is any way to minimize the damage when it comes to building a home. According to certain statistics around 2600 earthquakes happens in a day across the globe, most of them we don’t feel. However, the buildings with weak structure are more susceptible to damage. In this blog post, we have gathered around structural design tips that you need to take into consideration when building a home in an area prone to seismic actions

First and foremost, you should be aware about thing that no architecture plan is full-proof. Still, when it comes to building a home in an earthquake prone area, its shape should be aerodynamic as much as possible



The foundation of the home should be placed on leveled ground

  • Bear in mind that regular shapes are more stable than unusual one
  • The material used should be made from concrete and fiber glass as these are best and resistant materials in construction field.
  • The overall building project should be stable that means the center of gravity should always be in similar position exact pin point location. You can do this by consulting professional architect in that matter
  • Cantilevers should not have more 3-4 feet in length or they should be avoided altogether.
  • Columns are too dangerous and could easily collapse or cause a lot of harm, which is why the distance between them should be as small as possible.
  • Avoid fire and accidents that occur due to bad electrification plan by installing switch and circuit breakers.
  • Be careful about spearhead water tank, as it affects building stability. It is recommended to use more than one tank and that you place them in various locations not to effect center of gravity.
  • We hope we have provided you with a minimum amount of information in order to get you started with your building plans. If you have any other tips that you would like to share, you are welcomed to leave a comment.
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