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Floor coverings do more than just decorate the floor area; they keep the floors warm and comfortable to walk on. They are also very effective accents to any part of the house, and as compliments to furniture pieces.

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But how exactly should you choose a floor cover? Indeed, there are many choices that you can find in the store, and getting exposed to these options can only make it more difficult for you to pick the one for your home.

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Before you start buying covers for your floors, here are some points to consider:

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1. What kind of floor do you have? Knowing the type of floor you have allows you to make a better choice for covers. As you can see, stone floors tend to be colder and less resilient to weather temperatures, thus you may want to cover them with carpets and rugs. On the other hand, wooden floors are warmer and more absorbent to heat, thus you can compliment them with woven straw rugs.

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2. Can you handle the cleaning process? Floor covers are notorious when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. With that said, you may want to get a covering that’s easy to clean, such as a straw rug, as you only need to dust it off. Fabric carpets and rugs not only require regular vacuum cleaning, but as well have to be dry-cleaned whenever they are stained.

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3. How big is the floor space to be covered? You may have to decide how much of your floor area you want to cover, so that you can choose the right kind of covering, and a budget to spend for it. If you feel like you just want your cover to be an accent, then settle for a rug or mat instead of a full-floor carpet.