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Retro rugs are becoming more popular these days because of their rather convenient characteristics in terms of color and design. Most of these rugs are made of wool or propylene, but both materials serve the same purpose.

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Retro rugs can make or break an empty space. They add life due to their vintage designs ranging from the mod to the hippie area. Homeowners who tend to be more nostalgic and would like to reminisce on their good old flower-child days may find satisfaction on such rugs, as they offer not just the style but as well as the glory of the past.

Retro Area Rugs

Retro area rugs meanwhile are intended for bigger spaces. They range in sizes between 8×10 to 8×12, 5×6 to 5×8, 3×4 to 4×6, and 9×12 to 9×13. Unlike regular area rugs that tend to have bold colors and designs, polypropylene area rugs are more subdued, geometric and plain. This is because of the difficulty to dye the polypropylene material. However, the rather stylized designs have their own advantage. Even if they don’t come in intricate designs, these rugs are able to give life and color to the floor and at the same time add more spark in the overall home area.

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When choosing retro area rugs, it is best to measure the floor area to be covered first, as well as the present color shades of the house. This way, buyers can narrow down their searches for the right rug to place on their homes. Area rugs should come with striking designs otherwise they will keep the living room space boring and sad.

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Retro Kitchen Rugs

Retro rugs are best placed on doorways and on the sink areas. These rugs range between 3’3 x 4’4 dimensions, as their main purpose is to keep the kitchen flooring clean and saved from getting wet. Kitchen rugs absorb water and other liquid spills in a quick fashion.

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Because of their uses, retro kitchen rugs should come in dark, striking and bold colors (color combinations which can still match the overall ambience of the kitchen area), so that the dirt and grime they absorb will be kept concealed. Doorway rugs may come in psychedelic designs, while kitchen area rugs may come in rather mod styles for a more feminine effect.

Retro Shag Rugs

Retro shag rugs meanwhile are more suitable for smaller areas such as doorways to bathrooms and bedrooms. Retro shag rugs are more soothing on the feet, but they can be heavy to carry when in bigger sizes. Retro shag rugs are good for bathrooms due to their better ability to withstand moist and their protective features against slippery floors.

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Retro shag rugs are mostly available in brighter colors, as they are made to attract attention to specific areas or places. When buying retro shag rugs, it is best to choose the material that suits best to the area in which they will be placed. Wool retro rugs may suit well more in bedrooms, while shag rugs made of polypropylene may work more on areas such as the bathroom or kitchen.

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