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Stripes are a common design in home interiors. They make the room wider or taller depending on how they are used or applied. Most stripes are found in walls and some accents, but they are usually avoided because of their tendency to confuse the eyes.

Stripes in Homes (2)

However, applying striped designs can make a big impact on the room, and it’s all about how they are placed. If you are thinking of using stripes to perk up your home space, then here are some ideas:

Make curtains float with horizontal lines

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Curtains make the wall look higher and taller, regardless of their design and style. But if you want to add more design on the floor and make it look wider than its actual dimensions, then you may go for curtains with horizontal stripes at the bottom. The lines stretch the floor space but at the same time keep the focal point low. With this look, you’d think the floor area is wider and bigger, and the room isn’t cramped.

Toning down the shades

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Horizontal stripes also create a transition of shades, especially when they come in different colors. If you want a more subdued effect on the theme you’re following at home, then you may use horizontal stripes on the walls to achieve a transitional experience. The cascading shades go brighter or dimmer depending on the light that strikes them, thus the eyes are able to wake up and later relax.

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For taller furniture

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Meanwhile, if you want to lessen the bulky shape of your sofa and make it look taller, then cover it with vertical stripes. If you want to make it longer, then horizontal lines will do the trick.

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