pregnant woman Feng Shui Tips

Infertility is a moron that has stung the millennial generation. Starting from our lifestyle habits to our modern eating habits to genetics to obesity, there are many challenges that affect one’s sex life. Here, in this article, we have mentioned fertility decoration tips, but before that let’s start with the

Pregnant 26 Feng Shui Tips

Causes of Infertility

Obesity– Being overweight reduces the stamina that is important for sexual performance and disturbs the hormonal balance, which in turn contributes to low testosterone levels, causing loss of libido and low sex drive. Obesity also impacts the blood flow to the genitals and lack of proper blood circulation cause erectile dysfunction. Moreover, excess fat in inner thighs also hinders sperm production.

Disturbed sleep cycles and poor eating habits– another reason for infertility is a disturbed wake up cycle, poor eating habits, excess eating of junk or processed food or no physical activity, all these factors can badly affect the fertility.

Excess screen time– Another possible reason could be excess screen time.

For females, the causes range from a poor menstrual cycle, excess stress, structural problems in the reproductive system, cyst, PCOS, infections, failure to ovulate.

The best way to treat fertility related concern is

To be active all the time, take a brief walk and use stairs instead of escalator, keep track of your weight and BMI, take a well-balanced diet that have fertility enhancing abilities like banana, broccoli, walnuts, ginseng, garlic, beans, red meat, fish, eggs, and fruits like oranges, kiwi, cheese, strawberry, tomatoes, to name a few. Go for a proper check up after six months.

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Feng Shui Tips to boost fertility

feng shui bedroom Feng Shui Tips

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy that helps woman in conceiving and eventually help you to get what you want, including achieving the goal of fertility. Here are some tips that help you to decorate the home in a way that makes easy for her to conceive.

Tip 1- Remove any mirrors inside the bedroom. This prevents infidelity

Tip 2- Give your child permission to jump on the bed or couch they wish. It injects the air with positivity.

Tip 3- Remove any clutter from the home and clear blockages

Tip 4- Get rid of the furniture that is placed on the main door and keep the space open if you want to remove negativity from home

Tip 5-You can add a dragon charm near the bed or by your bed side to improve the flow of positive energy

Tip 6- Repair any kind of leakage faucets from your home to prevent the chi energy from leaking out.

Tip 7- Keep electronic devices at bay.

Tip 8- Place a statue of Buddha to promote positive energy and to increase the flow of abundance.

Tip 9- Decorate the home with paintings and portraits of children and baby animals. This attracts fertility to the home.

Tip 10- Decorate the home with pictures of elephants with their trunk down. They reflect fertility and an innate strength to overcome any trouble.