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Eco-friendly homes are becoming more popular these days because of their cozy and relaxing ambience and organic material setup. The items that can be placed to accomplish this theme are easy to obtain, and they likewise provide a contemporary but classic look.

If you want a living room that promotes peace and calmness, then this is the theme to follow. You can start creating an eco-friendly makeover to your living room by following these ideas:

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1. Start with the green walls. Green is the color of eco-friendly themes, and you can begin with repainting the living room walls with a soft green shade. You can go for grass-colored greens or something with a lighter intensity. This makes the room lighter and cooler to look at.

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3. Use wooden floors. Wooden floors are perfect compliments to green walls. They also offer an organic setting, and are flexible enough to accommodate the furniture and accents to be added later on. You may want to use wooden planks instead of wooden tiles, as they provide a rather traditional home setting too.

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3. Go for wooden furniture. If you are looking to get an authentic eco-friendly setup, then you should start using organic furniture. Hardwood furniture pieces are good, but if you want something lighter then bamboo pieces will do the trick.

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4. Have different elements for accents. Lastly, you should have the different natural elements present in the house. These include wood, earth, fire, water and wind. Wind may come in the form of wooden chimes, while earth can be composed of decorative rocks (such as mini Zen gardens), water can be represented by fountains, and fire by candles.

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