TV wall art

Everyone seems to own one LDC or flat televisions. They are great pieces of gadget because they are now made flat and sleek, which also means that you can play around it and even use it as an accent to your living room. They can only be effective décor pieces if they have the correct placement. Here are some great ideas for you:

TV flatscreen fireplace

Use it in the fireplace
This is a great idea for larger rooms. Treat it as an art and it makes a good décor at the fireplace. You may use a tilt mount on your TV so you can freely move it an angle that you are most comfortable with, since a fireplace is usually above the usual height where TV’s are supposed to be. Also make sure to do a radiant heat test to see if the TV is mounted at a safe distance from your fireplace.

TV wall art

TV Art Gallery
You can also use a flat screen TV as a piece of art and place it right where you have several paintings or art pieces already hung. Its rectangular shape would be perfect in getting that feeling that the TV is an art in itself.

TV Cabinets

Televisions can also be concealed in cabinets. There are many types of TV cabinets that you can buy in the market or have it customized. Make sure to pick something that will go with the rest of the room’s theme.

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TV bookshelves

You can also place televisions in a bookfull of cabinet. You can find bookshelves that have space large enough for a television to fit. This is great for a study room or for your personal space if you love books.

TV picture frames

Picture Frames
You can hide flat TV’s underneath stacks of pictures frames put together. You can add a hinge in each frame and just open it up whenever you feel like watching TV.