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Are you an ardent fan of a superhero or do you want to see superhero

on your windows or on doors? Well, it is a reality now. It may seem to be a weird dream, but for people who are nostalgic about superheroes like Ion Man, Mario or Warhammer or the Knights of Hyrul, it is must. These colorful glass panels are some additions to your home. The original concept belong to R.Evan Daniel. The idea behind adding these tinted glass is to transform the look of the room.





All these complex designs are available on Etsy. The prices may range from $400 to $4500. The most expensive superhero panel is of Iron Man 3 in which the artist describes that this is the most amazing and elegant piece that I have ever made. The dimensions for this feet is 31×47. There are around 334 piece of glass and the window is just 9.5 square feet in which 275 feet of copper foil is used. Construction time taken was around 100 hours. Now, all these facts are really astounding, isn’t it.. Do you like to add this in your home?




Further, all these painting make your home truly beautiful and beautiful. They are colorful, intricate in design and looks wonderful.