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CI-California-Closets_red-white-reach-in_s4x3_lgIf you are near to the closet, go there right now and do this ( if you are far away, write down the first thing that comes to your mind to remove it later) Do it even if you don’t know why it isn’t or what to put in to replace it. The very first step is to get it out from there. As long as something that is not you is taking up the space in your scared closet, you’ll feel overburdened, irritated, annoyed or discourage. It is also very likely that you are not wearing this garment anyway. It is like a security blanket, but security is a sham.


Identify the garment that makes you smile- It can be a dress, pair of pants, a pair of shoes or scarf. No item is too small or insignificant. Keep those items and discard the items that are not in use. For the item, write everything you do not like about it- Be as picky as you can. Maybe its the way the fabric feels. Perhaps the buttons seem to be overwhelming, or there are just too much of them. It could be that you dislike the pattern or the way it clings. Or perhaps it has a belts and you don’t like the belts.


Write down everything! If there are a few things you like about it, write those in a separate column. May be the colour is pretty, but it can’t make up the fact that the style is shapeless. Write about everything that you like regarding the item- Colour, texture, fit, shape ornamental details, the way it feels or anything else about it that comes to mind. May be the dress makes you feel sophisticated, down-to-earth, pretty or spunky. Whatever it is write down! Keep both the lists handy and think whether you need it or not- They are your lifelines. The next time you arrange the closet think about the list of items in the closet and see whether it is good for it or not. And if you feel that the item has more of disadvantages than advantages, just wand away from the closet. It is so easy to get distracted from the choices, but this kind of rule helps. Remember one rule: Only buy something that you wish to wear or you love it.

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