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Moving out and starting college is an incredibly exciting movement. It can be bit fearful too. Moving from home to a dorm room involves lot of work. Depending upon how big the home was, you might find it difficult to condense everything to fit in the space. But whatever the size is, a room remains a room and it is essential that your dorm room is home and it should be a reflection of what your personality is, while still reflecting who you are. At though at times you might not have as much space or freedom to do whatever you want like a home, but there are still plenty of options to explore and it will make your dorm beautiful, functional and fun. All you need to is to adhere to few basics to ensure that your dorm room is the best that it can be.




Add wall art to the room



Moving into your dorm room is like having owning an apartment. And most of the apartment, colleges and universities don’t allow to pain t the walls of the dorm room. It makes it tad challenging to create a space that is both bold and unique. But thankfully, there are enough of options to chose from, especially if it’s your first time being far away from home. Another wonderful way to give your wall little personality without ruining any of the walls is to use wall decals. The fun thing about wall decals is that you can mix and match them, and they are really easy to switch up and play around. Wall decals can change the look from week to week or may be on everyday basis. Also, try planning around the washi tape to create fun, original pieces of art or faux frames. There are enough of colours and patterns to choose from.

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Add lot of greenery to the home- Bring a bit of life to your small space by adding greenery in the dorm room. It is must have decorating essential. Dorms often don’t get as much natural sunlight and are on the smaller side. Bringing it a bit on the outdoors will help in waking up the space. You can bring in a larger floor plant or just something small and low maintenance for your desktop.

Add storage items- Storage is very important step in decorating of your dorm room. Try to play with the walls and heights of the room. Install a few floating shelves for text books and binders or go for a high, compact book shelf. Ensure that your bed is elevated, so that you can store items and boxes under it. It may not be apt, but using the space under the bed will make a great difference.