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With Christmas approaching soon, you must find ways to décor the home and get soaked in the festive spirit. Whether hosting a small party or inviting friends to celebrate the event, decorating the home’s entrance is the ultimate option. Instead of selecting a classic Christmas wreath for your home décor, you can go outside the box and think of unique ideas to change the look of your home.

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Here’s how you can bring a transformation in your home


Go for a pom pom wreath


The winter pom wreath is warm and cosy. 


You can easily create a pom pom wreath with some basic items available at home, including wool of different shades. You can use an embroidery circle at the base of the wreath and start sticking pom pom with glue. You can also add Santa faces on the wreath to give it a superior look. Its vibes are welcoming and go well with the overall décor theme.


Hang a banner


You require a banner and stringers to make your party come alive. Instead of buying it from the outside, you can create your DIY banner. Make it with paper, cut it, and paste them on the wall.


Balloons can double up the festive spirit.


Coloured and monochrome balloons can double up the festive cheer when tied together. You can even stick Santa’s eyes on the balloons to give a home a new makeover or paint the balloons to lend a cheerful vibe.


Buy Christmas-themed crockery


Christmas is a season of bountiful joy, and you can double it by adding Christmas-themed crockery. The snowman-shaped glasses or jars can be the perfect addition to your collection. If nothing suits you, you can also paint your plates and jars. It is easy to find the same.


Create a snack corner


The Christmas home party is incomplete without a snack corner. You can create a small set-up in the corner of the home, where your guests can choose from candies, cakes, cookies and other delicacies.

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Add fairy lights to your home.


Say Merry Christmas to each one by adding fairy lights to your home. These lights bring in a warm and cosy feeling for the theme party. You can add multi-coloured red and white lights to set up the mood.


Mason jars


The mason jars are versatile and great home décor accessories for Christmas. You can also paint mason jars, hang a wreath around them to lend a charming appeal, or opt for decorative accessories like chains to up the style quotient.


Paint the home in a festive mood


As the world has gradually moved ahead of the pandemic, there are many reasons to cheer, and Christmas brings one. Spruce up your home décor by painting the home. It is an enriching way to bring a change.


Fur boots at the entrance of the home


It is a budget-friendly of home décor during the Christmas season. If you have an old pair of boots, you can take them out of the closet and clean them. Pick Santa’s face and small balls and place them on the fur boots. And that’s how your fur boot wreath is ready to display on Christmas.


Pick up some fancy bows to decorate the home.


At some point, we might have taken fancy bows from the gifts and kept them aside; you can now use them by preparing a bow wreath. Create a circle and place the bows of different shapes and colours. They look vibrant when kept in a cluster.


You can use the leftover décor items to decorate Christmas party


You can use those leftover Christmas balls of the last year or the pom pom to spruce up your home décor. These items, when put together, lend a cohesive look and add fun to the Christmas party.


Add pieces of art to the home.


There was a time when furniture and, art, murals were an important part of home decoration. Nowadays, you can add photo frames to change the home décor.

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Decorate walls and windows


You can accentuate the walls and windows by replacing the traditional curtains with Christmas draperies. It will add a bold contrast to the home, and bright-hued accents will make your guests feel inviting.


These are some simple and unusual ways to décor your home this Christmas. You can create your settings or buy them from the market to create a remarkable look.