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December is soon arriving, and there is a need to make the space feel cozy and warm to enjoy a movie or get together with your family. Here are some décor accessories that will make your bedroom a haven on a wintery evening.

Warm Home Decor Ideas Living Room Brown Sofa


Add a wooden bookshelf to the home.


Wood is rustic and adds warmth to the home. A wooden bookcase or bookholder gives a warm vibe and looks unique. The deep color of brown adds to the vibe and adds elegance. You can fill this with your favorite books or magazines.


Add candles to the space.


Candles warm up the space and create a cozy feeling, especially when done fashionably. You can buy a set of candle handlers with a dresser or keep it near the bedside, which can light up your room. You can also buy scented candles that lift your home space, as no other decoration material can. 


Drape the window with heavy curtains


Keep the chill out by draping the windows with heavy curtains. The heavier curtain keeps the warm air inside. Also, when it is sunny, you can open the curtains and let the sunlight enter. Trapping the sunlight during the day keeps the cold temperature away at night. Another handy tip to keep your home warm during winter is to cover the window with a layer of plastic from the inside. It provides an extra layer of insulation and keeps the cold air outside.


Close the windows airtight


Windows bring in a lot of air to the home. The best trick to keep your home cozy is to close the windows airtight during winter. 


Close the unused doors


The open doors of the unused room make your home frigid. Hence, it is recommended to close doors when rooms are not in use. It prevents the air from circulation, thus preventing heat loss.


Earthy vases and crockery


Earthen pots used in ancient times are back again, making a place in the kitchen in the form of crockery and vases. Let’s understand why these earthen products are the best choice for your home.


They make the home warm-Earthy vases exude warmth to the room and throw in a little more character to the beauty of your living room. You can place it near the window sill or the coffee table to enhance the home décor.

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Apart from that, there are other benefits of why to add earthen crockery to the home.


Budget-friendly- earthen pots are pocket friendly, and you can purchase them from any store. They are available in different designs and shapes and are quite affordable.


Earthen crockery retains the original taste of the food- Earthenware is ideal for cooking and is supported by health experts. Since they are porous, it spreads the heat equally to the dish, add an earthy flavor, and retain the food’s moisture and nutrients.


It improves overall health– Earthen pots neutralize the acidic nature of the food, balance its ph level and make it easy to digest. Besides that, it adds minerals to the food. The food cooked in earthen pots is enriched with sulfur, magnesium, and calcium, a few minerals required to improve your body’s health.


Food remains fresh for a longer– the earthen pots allow air circulation, making the food tasty and delicious. The food cooked in these pots stays longer and fresh and retains the benefits and nutrition.


Paint your home with warm shades


Colors bring warmth to the home and add the illusion of space. It creates a feeling of intimacy. So, this winter, ditch warm, and pastel shades during winter and go for red, orange, and yellow that make the space bright and warm. However, the paint color should go with overall home decor settings.


Add textures to the home.


In the world of interior decoration, texture means the kind of material that you are using. Like colors make the home warm or cool, the texture adds weight to the space. For example, rough textures bring warmth to the home as they reflect less light. It adds depth, dimension, and decadence to the home.


Use incandescent bulbs at home.


Incandescent bulbs are a great source of energy during winter. They release a lot of warmth that can help keep the home warm. So, this winter season, replace LED and CFL bulbs and incorporate incandescent bulbs.

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Keep the oven door open.


In summer, you like to stand in front of the refrigerator to keep your body cool; likewise, in winter, you can keep the oven doors open after using it for a while. The heat will spread in the room and add warmth to the home, especially if you have pets and children. 


Keep the bathroom door open for a while.


You might have noticed how the bathroom turns steamy when you dip yourself in hot water. So, after a bath in hot water, keep the door open so that heat finds its way to your room. In this way, your room will get heated up.


Add rugs


In winter, our feet get too cold; you can keep them warm by adding a combination of rugs on your floor. It will insulate the home and make it warm. 


These are a few tips on adding warmth to your home during the winter; if you have more tips, share them with us in the comment section.