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Couch has been originated from the French word “couche” it means a bed. It simply means a piece of furniture used for lying or sleeping.

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A couch adds style and sophstication to your home. But finding the one that suits your tastes and preferences is an exhausting experience. Before choosing any option, you need to decide the style of couch-whether you prefer red couch in velvety finish or a dull blue couch made up of leather fabric. Once you have decided the style the next step is to hunt the store. You can check the varied designs on the internet and even go for conventional shopping- its worth a visit.

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Before diving into any option, you need to ask yourself for what purpose the couch is needed. Some people have fetish for couches and they buy just for the heck of it, especially celebrities like Lana Del Roy and Jim Morrison.

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A couch can refurbish and can add a new dimension to home and life. The fitness expert Alison Sweeney performs couch workouts and there are some who just like to laze on couch for hours and hours.  The interior designer Nisha explicitly states that she would go for a couch that adds flamboyance, drama and it will be signature of the house. Fuchisa and Pink is her favorite color.

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Points to Ponder

Go for contemporary couch.

If you want to make bold statement go for curvy couch.

Prefer blue, pink and red over nude.

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