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Today, new trends are dominating the market and one among them is that of concept furniture. Concept furniture has created a niche in the interior decoration market. In this article, we are providing you tip or suggestions on how to replicate the beauty and elegance of royal hotel room into your personal living room. Hope it helps!

Add popsicle chair to create new statement- a portable popsicle chair can be added in a room to make it look wonderful. This chair can be easily removed when not in use or as per requirement. A stack of box when placed in a corner one on other makes an interesting centre piece. It can also become focal point. You can select the number of boxes that you wish to stack for.The beauty of concept furniture is that it can’t be replicated or can’t be customized, which makes it an extraordinary investment and special. It is not your standard table and chair. It is something different. Every piece of furniture is a statement in itself and is unique to the artist behind the piece of work. Think about traditional trunk that can be customized according to your preference? If you love that timeless piece, there are some contemporary and modern varieties to select from.

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