Luxury Brown Finish Home Office Laptop Desk

Do you have a home office? If your answer is yes, then you should think carefully about what colors to paint. The colors affect productivity, concentration and motivation level of people.









Blue has a calming effect and it lowers down the pulse rate, while increasing productivity.

Green creates a serene and soothing atmosphere that can relieve stress.

Red and Orange promote excitement and enthusiasm.

Purple is a thought provoking color and increase creativity.

Yellow is a cheerful color.

Light brown and grey deliver the feeling of security

Dark brown provides earthy atmosphere


If you are unable to decide, the best color choice for home office, opt for green, which is the most popular color for the home office. It is considered to be the most balancing hue in the color spectrum and it is easy on eye and green is simple and rejuvenating. Most people found it relaxing, calm and the least distracting color.


There are some colors that divert the attention and others significantly increase the productivity. So, it is in your best interest to select a suitable color for your home office that is both the best and looks splendid.