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Medium color choices- Medium color choices are generally considered as furniture pieces like sofas, dining tables and bookshelves. Color choices in this range are easy to step up as compared to smaller ones in two ways. Firstly, the medium color options need bigger commitment in contrast to smaller ones. It is harder to move, replace or reupholster a sofa than to swap the pillows, vastly and mostly the art pieces. Secondly, however, they have a great impact and lends the feeling of space. Where small color choices bring in pops of color and rest of the room as a backdrop, the medium color choices have more determinate effect on the color palette of the room. Also, small color pieces can be replaced or layered in some way to have significant impact. In this room, warm neutral tones of the walls cast with black furniture in form of sofa, coffee table and entertainment center. Bear in mind that medium color options are not just limited to furniture, but area rugs and drapery also falls into this category. Thus the drapes should also complement with the rooms.



Reserved for color passionate people, the larger color decisions in your rooms is the concern that define your rooms, ceiling, walls and floors. That’s true. Large color choices are the biggest color commitment that you need to make. Whether you are looking at wallpaper or paint, effort and expense involved is high. So, it pays to decide well in advance because you might just not need them in your space. It means if you decide it is big, probably its good idea to be sparing with medium and small color pieces because you might not need them. In this room, the striking purple paint on the ceiling adds color contrasting with white walls and stenciled floors. Notice how the ceiling color is select and repeated by small color pops in form of wall art and flowers while selecting the medium color choices like table, chair, cabinets that reinforce neutral palette in rest of the room. Combining it with the walls and wood of the cabinetry, the floor tiles and the color palette makes a huge statement.

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