The holidays are dawning upon us. Traditional Christmas decorations include adding a Christmas tree and decorating it with stocking candy canes and wooden reindeer. But Christmas decoration ideas are more than it, especially if you are a fan of modern design. Modern decorators, rejoice! In this post, we have described some unique, modern Christmas decoration ideas for a modern home. All these decor ideas are in, trendy, irresistibly cool. Ready to get inspired, because our homes are worth it!


Here are some modern Christmas decoration ideas

Tips on how to add modern touch to home

Black and white

christmas-decorating-dining-room-tables-centerpieces-black-grey-white (1)

Traditional yet modern! Black and white is modern Christmas decoration idea to opt for. This combo pack gives the new room a new look. Santa perfectly accentuated with white cap and red suit coming down to black and white Christmas magic land..wow! the look is very contemporary.

This bold, graphic black and white look is a great alternative to traditional red and green look.

Birds and feathers


Feathers are like symbol for winter onset: pure and white. Add a modern twist to your Christmas home decorations by adding feather ornaments or topiaries or wreaths. If you already have a large collection of feather, use it to fill clear glass balls for unique display.

  • Add birds to your present Christmas home decor
  • Peacocks are trendy these days
  • A white feather topiary style tree strung is a new way to celebrate Christmas
  • The alternative Christmas look features glass balls with feathers hung on Manzanita branches
  • White feathers add a modern touch to your Christmas home decoration
  • Roost porcelain feather ornaments have contemporary yet earthy feel.

Add succulents in the home


Succulents are environment friendly, low in maintenance, and an excellent modern Christmas home decoration idea. Arrange a few centrepiece or go for big succulent wreath or garland; however use these hardy, low water plants for long time even after Christmas is over.

Add square succulent wreath in combination with a red berry trim taht complements with modern home, while a round wreath give more classic look.

Go for small glass terrariums with red ribbons and fill it with succulent

Succulent topiary trees are new trend for Christmas home decoration

Contemporary wreaths

Wreaths may be traditional Christmas home decoration idea, but today’s version is much more different than earlier. You can use modern, innovative wreath for home decoration.

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Places where you can incorporate wreath

On front door of the home

In a window

On the mantelpiece

As a centerpiece

Around the group of candles

Another benefit of these wreaths are versatility that it creates. Such lements like small objects or oversized ribbon change overall look of the wreath.

The modern polygon wreath from Art Museum is vibrant and geometric

The DIY cork wreath is apt for wine lovers.

Place a candle in the centre of a succulent wreath on a tabletop

Use paper to create contemporary wreath

Use pinecones


The top-notch quality of pine needles creates a fresh and modern look in the home. Keep your pine display look minimal by using small ornaments and lights to accentuate the beauty of pine texture. Use silver pine for your Christmas decoration; it is best for contemporary looking home and is known for beautiful silvery sage color.

Try to make a simple wreath of silver and pine

Accessorize a pine needle garland with candles and ornaments



Lights have always been trendy these days for Christmas tree. But the latest version to Christmas home decoration is LED string lights and fixtures. These lights illuminate the room and objects in an innovative way. Go for big lights; the more lights you use, the more cooler will be the effect.

With a grouping of delicate LED Christmas branches you can get a home new makeover.



The modern snowflake decoration add a new look to any room. In order to get maximum impact, hang them in different heights and sizes to replicate falling of snow.

Hang a snowflaker in a corner of a room for winter effect

Paint snowflakes yourself

Use large paper snowflakes for modern Christmas theme

Glue together different paper sizes and make a globe with snowflake décor for a festive home décor.

Formal dining table decoration

A little inspiration can perk up overall look of a dining table. Use some of the ideas to plan your Christmas meal and appeal your guests with this look. Pick a shade or theme or borrown Christmas ornaments and create modern, festive table. For more ideas on how to create festive look, see our next post..table setting ideas to wow guests

The reindeer art and red accents make our decorations contemporary.

You can use the mirrors to reflect candlelight.

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There are several Christmas home decoration ideas other than decorating mere Christmas tree. In this post, we have mentioned modern ways to décor your home for Christmas. All these ideas are unique and one-of-a-kind. Additionally, new Christmas home decoration ideas give a new look to the home as well make it look contemporary. It is must apply for modern home decorators.  Get inspired and see the difference! Starting from polygonal wreaths, to centerpiece, to modern LED lights to festive Christmas ornaments and snowflakes, all these decoration ideas make your home look festive during this season. Go for it!

We hope our modern Christmas decoration ideas inspired you. How will you décor home for Christmas this festive season? Let us know in the comment section given below.

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