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In present times, we live in an era dominated by inflation and turbulent economic times.  Keeping that in mind here are 5 ways through which you can add tint in your home without having a hole in your pocket.

Photo Frame– Uniquely designed Photo Frame add to the warmth of the room. If possible, try to rejuvenate the room with some stylish photo frame – it will surely give the room  a new lease of life.

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living room picture frames home decor

Lampshades– Adding lampshades in the rooms will not only change the whole look of the room, but it can add a tint of lightning in the room.

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stained glass lamp home decor

Blankets or Throwbeds– Leather sofa is the most vulnerable part of home furniture, especially when there are a lot of kids in your house. The idea is to replace sofa with new furniture blanket or throw that complements your bedroom.

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sofa set home decor

Rugs- Rugs are way better than conventional carpets and they add a tint of durability and color in the room or office.

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Shag pile rug cleaning home decor

Ceramic Tiles– If you want to redecorate your kitchen in a budget friendly way, opt for ceramic tiles. It will surely redecorate your kitchen brilliantly.

Ceramic Tile02 home decor

Ceramic tiles home decor

Wall Paper– Another way to decorate the room in a cost effective way is to add a couple of nice paintings or wall hangings or it can be wall murals. Adding wall paintings doesn’t mean to buy a Picasso or Monalisa. You can go for a simple painting that grabs attention of everyone.

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