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Mirrors on a whole are one of the innovative ideas to decorate any room it is not just a bathroom where in you have to have a mirror. Mirrors are said to be ornamental windows which brighten the house. Here are some novel ideas for decorating the walls in the home.

Now mirrors with unique design are available in the market which not only beautifies the room but add a bewildering look to the room.

  • Normally, people have the mirrors in their bed room as a dressing table. An audacious mirror in the room catches the eye of every one and beautifies the room.
  • Appending mirrors to any wall in the house makes the rooms feel implicit expanded. Hence it should be carefully decided as in where to hang one to shun unwanted reflections. Deciding the correct size of mirror is also very imperative for instance a full size mirror will look more stunning in bedroom and a vintage twisted metal frame or sun burst mirror would look more attractive in the dining room.
  • Circular mirrors in the passage, bed room, stair case are another option. One should try suspending odd number of group objects as they create a center of attraction.
  • Full size mirrors in the living room makes the room eye catching. A full size mirror resting along a wall is an implausible advantage. A mirror with a curtain added to it gives an energetic vibe in the room and make the room feel bigger.
  • Two separate mirrors hung in the bed room just above the bed gives an unusual manifestation. These can be fit in between two book shelves.
  • A mirror can be placed in the entry way as well or a favorite spot in the house to place a mirror is a room which lacks light as mirror would help compensating the same by reflection.
  • A stylish touch can be added to the door by adding small mirrors to the entrance door.
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