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The living room is an area where guests gather and so does the family members, so it should be decorated in a beautiful and functional way. Here, we are going to talk about one of the most important accessories of the living room- Rugs.

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There are many accessories that can help you to create a beautiful living room- like a sofa, chair, ottoman, coffee table, and much more, but furniture is not the only thing. In order to add liveliness to the living room, there are certain other accessories that no living room is complete without- warm lighting, throw pillows, framed photos, and the most negligible accessory-rugs.

Living room rug ideas

 Do you know you can decorate the entire room around a rug? Yes, here are some of the stylish living room rug ideas to fuel your inspirations.

 1 Durable and dark Rugs

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If your living room falls under a high traffic zone, it is better to look for durable rugs like wool and select a dark shade that has a pattern in it. Wool rugs are great for the living room because they are highly-appealing, long- lasting and some of them have a rug under it to absorb shocks that come with a highly populated area. They are easy to maintain too. When it comes to color, you can select a dark blue rug with patterns. You can match them with a few accessories of the same color as blue, beige, grey, or white to create a coastal vibe.

2 Floral Rugs

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Soft floral designs or stripes are the best rugs for the living room makeover. These rugs create a feeling of depth and texture which makes it look upscale. You can try saffron, golden yellow, magenta, bright pink color area Rugs. These vibrant colors are easy to eyes as well as on floors.

3 Coordinated color Rugs

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You can use area rug coordinating with living room and dining room. Normally in a smaller home, living rooms and dining rooms are attached or adjacent to each other; in such a case open floor in one room does not look nice. Select a rug that can create a unified yet unique look to the place.

4 Geometric Pattern Rugs

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Flair rugs with geometric patterns can work wonders in defining your space. These designs add a fanciful charm and elevate the look of your home.

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5 Black and white rug

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A living room decorated in just one style looks outdated and monotonous. An easy way is to decorate it with modern vibes. This can be done by adding a contemporary pattern black and white rug. The black color is a gusty choice as can be used as neutral. Choose larger designs in black and white to bring out sophistication of your home interiors.

6 Zebra Styled Rugs

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Zebra pattern Rug this design work well with semi-modern furnishings with spacious rooms. This kind of rug disperses light and adds an appeal to the room. These are recommended for rooms with larger windows.

7 Pattern and striped rugs

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If stripes are liked by you, but you are not committed to it, the best way to introduce it is by adding striped rugs. The bold stripes with a hint of pattern and color will make the living room look pretty and smart.

8 Vibrant Rugs

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If your living room is small and you wish to add a splash of color, you can do it with a beautiful pattern rug. These rugs come in a host of colors and add a vibrant look to the r room. These rugs are recommended for hardwood flooring or floor with lighter tiles.

9 Tropical Rugs

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If you are in love with tropical style rug but you wish to skip themed decoration, adding bold and vibrant rug could be an option. The rug that you select should strike the right chord with the floor. You can further accentuate the look of the rug by coordinating it with throw pillows and art- work.

10 Weathered Pattern

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These rugs are smart, contemporary, and come with a twist. They are not just elegant but also look sophisticated. This style mutes the additional color of the room and makes it look trendy. These rugs are ideal for beach-inspired and boho living room décor.

Tips before buying a living room rug

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Size– Make sure that Rug you choose should be of the right size for your living room and of perfect scale. When you choose a new living room Rug, make sure it should fit the seating area by size. Most of the designers suggest getting Rug which should be large enough to cover the conversation area, with the front legs of your sofa and chairs should be on Rug. Proper sized Rug can make space feel more spacious and complete.

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Color– Try to get Rug which looks best in all aspects, prefer for at least two of the colors of your choice. Consider the style of the rug along with color with a good pattern. Prefer to get rug whose designs are so versatile which can be mixed with any décor style and color you love.

Comfort- Choose Rug which is being liked by everyone, but it should be felt comfortable by your feet and add some luxury too.

Other Tips

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When you are going to purchase a rug for your living room, keep these points in your mind.

  • It should be kids friendly if you have kids.
  • It should be sized according to your room.
  • Try for colorful additions. Unite different colors on Rugs with the pattern.
  • Ensure that the design appears to be comfortable.


The rugs can easily add character to your living room and make your home look eclectic and youthful. These rugs are crafted to give your home a colorful look. You can easily match the rug with vibrant throw pillows to make your home look colorful. It is unlikely new addition to your home. It actually adds harmony to your living room. They can transform the look of the room.

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