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Today, having interesting coffee table design is must for coffee lovers. Enjoying hot coffee is not all about making a delicious coffee, but creating a right atmosphere is also important. Fortunately, the market is filled with innumerable coffee table depending upon your preferences. Almost limitless choices are available in the market. Commencing from different shapes to colours to styles, everything is available under roof. To get a perfect table, you need to decide on certain set of criteria based on different factors. It will eliminate your confusion when you get encountered with different choices.



Shape- Majority of the coffee table comes in different designs like rectangle, circle, oval, round and irregular shape. In order to create a long lasting impression, round and oval are best as compared to rectangular shape coffee table. In order to create a contemporary look, rectangular coffee table works the best. So, nothing describes a coffee table better than its shape. For young couple with kids, avoid table with sharp edges.


Materials- Majority of coffee tables is built from wood, stainless steel, bamboo, glass, rattan and combination of these materials. If you require a table with minimal maintenance, so it is better not to select coffee table. This kind of table exhibit dust and you need to clean it on a regular basis. Again if you have kids at home, then glass coffee table is not a perfect choice.


Décor- Think about overall design of a coffee table because it cannot be separated with decoration factor. You can add flower vase, books, artwork, sculpture, depending upon your taste. Reading book on a table is alternative to reading on window seat cushions. If you have an exquisite artwork, your coffee table will look alluring and become a focal point of the room. Decorating a coffee table is simple. You need chairs, rug and other accessories.

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Where to add- a coffee table can be added in a living room, but you may put anywhere like in a family room or a basement. Most of the tables are designed with or without legs. Without legs table offer more warmth, intimacy and creates long lasting impression, but it is not without risk. You need to clean it regularly. These tables can be easily scratched.


Choice- If you require a unique coffee table, then coffee table from trunks are the best. It is not an ordinary coffee table design. It is built with help of trunks. From far, it will not look like a coffee table, but it would look like trunks. It is an interesting addition to your room.


No matter what kind of coffee table is, it must blend with overall room decoration.