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When it comes to buying mains pressure hot water cylinder, there are various questions that you need to ponder upon.  For example, what size is the best, which coil is a better option and of course what hot water cylinder is the best- copper hot water cylinder or stainless steel hot water cylinder, what are the types of hot water cylinders that can be deployed in the home?  Well, there are four kinds of hot water cylinders that are available in the market.

hotwatercylinder1 Interior Design Blogs

Unvented Hot Water Cylinder

Earlier this hot water cylinder was banned by the UK government, but now it has grown in terms of popularity. In an unvented hot water cylinder, the cold water tank is missing- rather the hot water cylinder is filled directly with mains cold water. Since it is operating under pressure, it offers a high flow rate and provides better performance to the user.

Another benefit of using this cylinder is there is no need to maintain a cold water tank separately unlike the vented system. This not only frees up your home space but also removes the problem of a potential freezing issue especially during the winter season. You can install an unvented hot water cylinder anywhere inside the home. Other benefits of installing an unvented hot water cylinder are- it is noise proof and as there is no water storage cistern and is sealed, the cold water cannot be contaminated.

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The main drawback of the unvented hot water cylinder is the flow of water depends upon the cold water pressure; if for any reason the mains water is not switched on, your home will not get access to hot water.  Unvented Hot water Tanks operate under higher pressure as compared to vented tanks, hence additional safety measures are deployed and these cylinders need to be installed by the expert staff who have a prerequisite qualification. This means they are far more expensive as compared to traditional vented hot water tanks.


 There are many hot water cylinders that use external heat like gas to warm up the water. Indirect Cylinder is an example of the same. In this the water is heated when it moves to the copper coil. The heat is transferred from the external source to the water tank.