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Are you fond of traveling? If so, then for sure you bring home a lot of souvenirs and trinkets from the cities you’ve been to. These serve as memories of your travels and trips, and they give a breath of fresh air in the house once displayed.

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However, it can sometimes be difficult to display all your souvenirs across the living room, as not all of them complement each other. Some cultures clash, others are just boring, and combining them all together will just make your space chaotic.

To prevent the culture clash in your living room space, then you might want to check out our helpful tips:

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1. Choose the most memorable ones.

Which among your souvenirs are the most memorable? Pick them out and use them as the main pieces for the living room space. You can set a tribal figurine or an Asian platter for a centerpiece, then other trinkets on the side tables so that they won’t look cluttered.

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2. Bigger pieces are good for corners.

If you have bigger trinkets, then you can place them in the corners of the living room together with some indoor plants. They give life to the otherwise empty corner and add a touch of art to the natural greens. They also utilize the corner space without becoming a nuisance in the rest of the living room.

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3. Create a wall gallery.

Lastly, if you want to display your other souvenirs, then why not have them showcased in a wall gallery? Install open shelves in one part of the living room and situate your best souvenirs, so that guests can take a look at them right on the spot.

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