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Today, markets are decked with different variety of rugs and carpets. All you need to do is to choose a carpet that matches with the theme of the bedroom. Also, different shapes are available that can propel the imagination among the kids.

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Rugs for Girl Bedroom

Girls tend to be dreamy and creative; hence it is better to add a rug that adds to her imagination for instance, you can add Disney themed carpet, horse and pony themed carpet, fairytale carpet or a carpet that is embellished with flowers and dragonflies.

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Rugs for Boys Bedroom

Boys tend to be sporty and adventurous in their attitude. Hence, try to add a dinosaur’s carpet, sports themed carpet, or create a carpet that will make your child feel that he is on cloud nine.

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Here are some points that you need to look into before buying a carpet


It should be of durable quality because the child is tough on rugs and the dreary looking carpet will destroy the whole apperance of the room. Undoubedtly, these carpets will be bit expensive in contrast to shags, but they will really increase the charm.

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The shape and the size of carpet make a whole lot of difference. It’s a good idea to measure the room before buying a rug.

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The rug should match the theme of the bedroom. Always consider the favorite color of your child before selecting a rug.

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Lastly, choose a rug that doesn’t require special cleaning measures.