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The bedroom is your place to unwind, relax and do all sorts of private activities. Being the most personal room in the house, the bedroom must possess the feeling of ease and solace and cleanliness. Thus is the need for white bedroom furniture.


White is the color of heaven, light and absolute space. With white you can reflect on your own reveries as well as think clearly. White also depicts space, and given so, white bedroom furniture must be present to retain the light and comfort one seeks in his rest after a hard day’s work.

White bedroom furniture holds to be one of the most practical furniture pieces to suit everyone’s personal space. First is because the color is flexible enough to match and complement other colors. White end tables highlight the dark color walls while white beds widen the space in the bedroom. Other white furnishings give life to the other parts of the bedroom, as if letting each dark corner out of its comfort zone.

White furniture vs. Color schemes

When interior designers worry about a stark, white bedroom, it is a much bigger challenge in setting up white bedroom furniture. White indeed symbolizes simplicity, yet at the same time it may produce melancholy sadness as you may feel like a black spot in a sheet of white paper. White bedroom furniture should then be well matched with other colors that would show its lightness, but at the same time tone down its plain style.

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Dark walls and drapes keep the room from natural light, thus white bedroom furniture like couches and end tables should be placed particularly in the darkest parts of the bedroom. This way a warm atmosphere is created, as these corners are made to be lit. Meanwhile, white lamps highlight specific areas of the room. White fluorescent lamps however do not always match white bedroom furniture because it contributes a hotter feel and starkness to the whole space.

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Lighting the bedroom must do more than just dispel darkness. Most bedrooms benefit from a blend of functional and decorative lighting. White bedroom furniture then helps functional light to give the whole room its purpose, while at the same time the dramatic effect especially when placed in dark, bold patterns which seek attention.

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Bright colors and bold designs advance make the bedroom space look smaller, and pale colors reflect light and make the space look bigger. Adding white bedroom furniture to your room emphasizes space in the room, especially in dark wall colors. Meanwhile, white bedroom furniture should be lessened on pale colored walls, and you must place importance only on the more-utilized furniture.

Adding decors

The décor on your room produces a major effect on how spacious it would look. The walls may not be actually pushed out or the ceiling raised, color, texture and pattern may bring forth to create such effect. The color of walls and ceilings should match with white bedroom furniture of proper material to contour the room’s shape and depth. Low ceilings may seem higher with long, slim dim lamps attached above, and tall white lamps make the walls look wider.

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White bedroom furniture lessens the feeling of crowdedness. White drawers and cupboards therefore give the available space which you can use for storage, such as books, magazines and collectibles.

To accentuate your white bedroom furniture, you can also laminate the floors. Laminated floors at the same time provide functional advantages compared to ordinary wooden floors. It is recommended to have floors laminated to make the bedroom more spacious than it really is.

The use of windows

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Finally, windows let the natural light in and are the focal point of the bedroom. Window covers add style to the bedroom as long as they do not trap the light from coming in, for as white bedroom furniture take on the task of keeping the room alit at night, windows make the room functional during the day. Curtains and draperies may come in bold, lively patterns depicting pizzazz but be of light material to allow fresh air to circulate inside.

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