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Hermann Anton Gelinek– Born on August 8, Hermann was a German monk and had a deep inclination towards music. He later became priest in Premonstratensian. He was a professor and a director of church music, but later he left his monastery and went to Naples.  He then returned back to Seelau monastery and once more decided to go to Italy.  The monk has published various concerts, sonatas and church music.

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Losang Samten– he has many titles to his credit- he was an American Tibet Scholar, former Buddhist monk, Spiritual Director of Tibetan Buddhist center. He is one among 30 persons in the world who is skilled enough to teach Tiberan sandpainting to the students. He authored two books and was granted fellowship in 2004.

Hariharananda Giri– he was a famous Indian yoga teacher and monk who taught yoga in India and in western countries. He was born in Nadia district in West Bengal and headed Kriya Yoga institutes. He was popularly referred to as Baba by his students. Apart from yoga, he was well-aware of cosmic astrology and in 1938 he completely renounced the material life. The monk has written various books under his name.

Swami Dayananda Saraswati- he was born on August 1930 and led the life of sanyasi. He was the spiritual guru of the prime minister Narendra Modi. In the year 1963, Swami Dayanand started to explore Rishikesh as a pilgrimage centre and resided in grass hut. He spent three years studying the Brahma sutras and he also started several movements in India.

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Ajahn Sao Kantasilo-He was a famous Thai monk who preached Buddhism to its best. He was part of Dhammayuttika Nikaya Ajahan Mun. After his death and cremation his ashes were distributed to the people of Thai and according to the followers these pieces transformed itself into crystals.

Buddhadsa Monk– he was a Thai monk, ascetic philosopher that bought dramatic changes in the society. His teachings reflect modernity and he did reinterpret the conventional religious perceptions prevailing in Thailand as well as abroad. He was a strong advocate of Buddha and preached his teachings to the world do good to others and avoid doing bad things; it will definitely bring peace to the mind.