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Due to space and budget constraint; most of the homes are apartment based and due to poor ventilation people avoid keeping indoor plants. However, experts suggest that it is important to have at least one plant in a home, so that it purifies air and perks up overall look of the room. Since it is suggested to add one indoor plant at home, keeping the apartment plant ready is another hiccup, as plants require lot of ventilation and sunlight to keep themselves healthy. If your apartment lacks it, place the live plant near the open window. It is best way to take care of the plant. In this post, we will suggest some of the best gardening tips to follow. These are good for your health too. Now, let’s discuss how to keep the plants alive amidst all the hindrances.


Pick up the right plant– It is important to pick up the right plant first and foremost. It should be houseplant like aloevera, snakeplant and African violets. These plants are evergreen and have longer life span. These beautiful plants don’t require much of sunlight too.


Place the plant near an open window– Place the plant near an open window. In this way, the plant can absorb polluted air and receive ample sunlight for its growth. Ensure that the plant is watered well before it is exposed to sunlight. This is one of the simplest tips to keep plants alive for a longer duration.


Don’t overwater it- It is important to water indoor plant. However, it is also important to pour adequate quantity of water in the plant otherwise it will drown and die. There are various indoor plants that don’t require too much of water. It is best to opt for such plants, since it is easy to take care of.

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Artificial lights- if your apartment is not exposed to sunlight, ensure that the room has an artificial lighting arrangement. The plant needs some kind of warmth to keep it alive. This is a crucial tip to maintain a healthy plant.


Don’t shift the plant- Don’t rearrange the plant again and again. Scientists say that plants form an emotional bond with the place where they are kept and shifting them periodically put them in state of shock and ultimately death. So, keep in mind this point too.


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