Most of the people concentrate on home décor or look and feel of the home. Believe it or not, flooring plays a major role in creating the ambiance of the room. Depending upon several factors like lifestyle, budget, and amount of traffic that your floor will endure, will suggest the perfect flooring for you! Whether you are renovating or selecting flooring for your existing home, here are some tips that you need to consider.

Lifestyle-it totally depends upon how you and your family live in your home. If your family has heavy traffic zones like pets, kids, and is very active-plush carpet is not apt. heavy traffic areas need resilient flooring like ceramic tile, wood or vinyl flooring. If your home attracts minimal traffic, and you enjoy softness underfoot, then carpeting and area rugs are ideal for your home. There are different kind of flooring between carpet and resilient flooring.


Location of your home-Flooring at the entrance should be durable. For example, if snow, rain or mud is the factor in the entry of your home, opt for durable flooring, like a slate, tile or a wood. Entry mats outside the home should be placed to remove outdoor moisture; this will help to keep your floor neat and clean. Flooring in the bedroom, kids room should be comfortable enough to walk bare feet too. Flooring in utility rooms, laundry or bathrooms should be equipped with anti-skid flooring. Hardwood and laminate wooden flooring is not good for areas with high moisture.

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Cost or budget-You need to determine the cost of the flooring based on per square feet area. All flooring material comes with different grades of quality. Synthetic carpets are cheaper than Berber carpet that contains tuft of pile. The plush is more durable carpet-naturally more expensive. When selecting a carpet don’t forget to add carpet pad beneath. The carpet pad will make your steps more comfortable, and it will give a lifespan to your carpet. Ceramic, slate and marble tile is more expensive than carpet. Tile is of low maintenance and can be actually replaced, until it cracks. Wood and laminate flooring are more durable and affordable as compared to other flooring products.

Eco friendly version-would you like to have flooring that is friendly to the environment and it looks great too. Consider flooring like recycled glass tiles, bamboo wood, and cork flooring. Each one of them has unique properties-like cork flooring is best for sound absorption, but it is not good for high heel wearers. In case you have industrial type home, concrete or stained concrete flooring is adequate.