Eco Friendly Diwali to Save Electricity Interior Design Blogs

Diwali and Prakash Utsav- This Diwali forget about that glowing lights that you used to hung on the walls. Revive old tradition! Yes, here we are talking about oil lamp tradition that not only save your operational expenses but also give your plants a rest. Don’t you think here we can create our own version of Earth hour? Except that the city will look something like a fable with all artificial lights off only the glow of lamps lightning the city.

While renovating your homes before Diwali, try to lay emphasis on natural light over artificial lights. Simple things like paint that you select for your interior space go miles towards your physical and mental well being. Lighter shades are soothing and calm and it reflects more light/energy, while darker and richer shades absorb light and energy. Energy efficient lights ensure low energy consumption and of course less bills. This festive season, practice age old practice of worshiping water as Nectar by conserving it and utilizing it in a proper way. Low flow faucets and cisterns are now available and it can cut down the water consumption by at least 80% as compared to old taps and flush tanks.

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