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There are several ways on how to decorate the place or your favorite room, but most of them can be bit tedious, expensive and time consuming. Hence, here we have enlisted 6 easy ideas on how to improve the décor of your home or apartment to make it the best place to live in.


Create an office corner

Create Office Corner
While decorating the home, we often neglect the entrance decoration, thus focusing on other parts of the home. However, decoration of the entrance is as much important as other rooms. If you still struggling to find an idea on how to decorate the room, and you have a specific room dedicated to it, then the best way is to create an office corner. Now, you might be thinking what is this corner all about? Well, all you need to do is to create a single cabinet or a table and chair or may be a stool at the entryway to make it a new room. Avoid, selecting huge furniture. Go for colorful desk that will allow you to add more peppiness in the room.
Try Deconstructed Shelves

After entryway, the next step is to decorate the living room. Do you find your living room dreary and plain? Well, don’t panic, because you don’t require changing the entire furniture. Simply, change the single element. One solution is to change your library, a little school for deconstructed shelves. These shelves are lighter, contemporary and colorful. This new library would definitely facelift your living room.
Graphic Rug

After Living room next comes the bedroom. In order to wake up your bedroom go for a graphic rug. It will surely add a new character to your living room. Opt for lighter colors rather than bold colors that darken the room. Match it with the colors of the wall, so that it complement with the room. This is a cheap facelift option for your home.
Add splash of colors to your home

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Rug for entrance
Colors to home

In case you like colorful home, then opt for it, but don’t go for completely colorful furniture. Start by adding a colorful to your space little by little. A yellow vase, flashy throw pillows, decorative trays are all ways to brighten up the living room. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the color. If you are too adventurous, go for neon color.
Try a headboard

Headboards are a simple way to decorate the bedroom. Whether you select classic wooden headboards or forged iron headboard, you are bound to enhance your happiness somewhere. If these kinds of headboard don’t suit you, create a customized headboard.
Credenzas for kitchen


Originally credenzas were used for serving buffet meals and displaying objects, but now it has several purposes. These are basically useful pieces used in a modern kitchen. You can use the cupboards to store it, but pick original ones to add authenticity to the room. Now, it’s time to forget steel, wood and stone, and move over classic ideas. There are several modern choices available. You can buy transparent credenza along with a lightning component or a colorful one to add cheerfulness to the kitchen.