Decorative Shelving Units With Window Glass Interior Design Blogs

Every homemaker must have felt frustration that results from being not able to find adequate space to store stuff. One realizes that there is no place to store the items that you own. Wall shelving unit is apt solution; if you are searching for an extra storage space it also adds panache to the empty walls. It is a unique, compact storage rack that acts as a space saver for the wall.


Functions of the shelving units

Shelving Unit helps to organize the stuff, so that your home becomes calmer and neater and where you can find everything fast. Moreover, you’ll get more space to relax as well as more time too because you don’t need to spend hours looking at tiny things. A unit like this can bring enough of benefits to your home. It enables you to have more storage space. This kind of shelving units is great place to store tid bits like tea lights or hobby stuff. You can get a separate box to store files, CD’s and DVD’s.


Shelves are not just about eliminating clutter. They are also a great way to ensure that your favourite memorabilia, knick knack and souvenirs collected from travels are kept in an organized way and even family photos are on display.


Wall shelves need not to be boring and it is not meant for a storage space. They come in different styles, sizes and materials like solid wood plastic and glass. Some may have wall attached, some may have easy access from both the sides and some are partially concealed by the sliding doors and all come in a variety of shades. They work in an interesting way, thus converting a dull furniture unit into an interesting unit that makes your space livelier. Shades come in contrast colours as that of room that complements with the space. Alternatively, the shelves of same colour as that of room can be decorated with the help of colourful knick knacks to bring liveliness to the living room.

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Among the various kinds of materials available for wall shelves, metal shelves combine style, strength and durability. Boring dull shelving units are a matter of past. There are a lot of options available today for your living room.

Metal Shelves- Metal Shelves have an advantage over wood or glass shelves. There are many models available in the market. Metal display shelves are used more in gardens or on outside decks for display and decoration.


Wooden Shelves- The main benefit of wooden wall shelves is you can paint it in your favourite colour with different compartments and it comes in more than one level. Light wooden shelves can be used inside and especially in the living area to match the furniture of the room for a perfect coordinated look.