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With a few supplies, you can add a new quirk to your home. Wondering how? Well, in this article we will provide you some DIY tips on how to add a new look to the home.
How to create sariblock coffee table?

It is an item of furniture for the people who love tradition to its core and whose home is laced with ethnic touches. Here’s how you can create it:
Materials needed- Old wooden table, sari blocks, saw, long metal screw, drill machine or a sand machine to make process faster, wax and polish.
Time taken to complete the task- half a day or two days
How to do it?
• Saw off the handles on the back of the sari blocks
• Sand the back until it lies flat
• Clean the table surface and place the sari blocks on it- begin from one end and work on your way to another.
• Once you have done all these things, now set it, drill two or four metal screws through the sari block into the table. Repeat the rest of the process with remaining blocks.
• Sand and wax the head of the screw.
• Take some similar colored polish and paint the screw heads.

How to create slate and framed look?

Well, it is easy. This old wood frame is best for people who love vintage style. This style make your home look traditional yet contemporary.
Materials required in completing the task- well, you need only few supplies like a chalkboard with an approximate size of any existing photo frame, shell of a vintage or a wooden frame, chalk pieces and glue.
How much time is required to complete-it will take around 1 hour or so.
How to do it?
It is simple. Just follow below-mentioned steps.
• Take out existing photo and its glass from the photo frame.
• Stick to the chalkboard with a strong glue. The chalkboard should not peep from the edges of frame but as though the frame is made from the chalkboard.
• Take a white or any coloured chalk and write down any quote or any thought on the chalkboard.
• You can change this chalkboard often or as and when you like. Use the chalkboard for messages, quotes, saying, fun stuff, and most of all reminders.
• Use a hook on the top of the frame and hang in the wall.