dav antoinette gold round cushion

There is various fun and frolic ways to create a new look to the home. All you need is little bit of creativity and ingenuity to make it happen. In this article, we will provide you tips on how to do so:

How to create pearly wonder cushion cover?


This extravagant cover is for people who are smitten by fashion and glamour. So, for all those owners who want to add contemporary look to their homes it is must.

Materials required in completing the task- all you need is plain white or baby pink satin fabric, satin fabric for lacing, pearls of two or three sizes, thread, needles, scissors, and white tracing paper.

How much time is required to complete the task- it will take around 1-2 hours

How to do it?

Steps required

  • With help of tracing paper trace two squares on satin fabric, according to the filler, and you will get from the foam house or make it to cushion size. Stitch three ends of the fabric lined against each other.
  • On the one side, use Velcro or fasteners to secure the covers by putting fillers or cushion in a right place.
  • Draw and cut out the design on a (floral motif) paper.
  • Trace the design on the cover with help of a pencil.
  • Stitch the pearls symmetrically and on the design with help of a thread and needle.

Faucets in the drawing room

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It is a practical item for spinsters and bachelors who want to give their apartment a quirky twist. For fashion aficionados a must have accessory!

Materials required to complete the task- all you need is a strip of wood, three old bathroom faucets, three long nails and paint to give it a new look.

Time required to complete a task- it will take around 2 hours or so.

How to do it?


  • Take a piece of recycled wood and drill holes on that wood.
  • Thoroughly clean the faucets with help of sandpaper and then apply a dab of paint over it. The faucets need not to be identical and you can paint in different colors. You can even use old brass or iron taps instead of faucets.
  • Put the nail through the hole in the faucet and the hole in the wood. The nail should be long enough to get fitted to the wood.
  • Drill two more holes on either side and nail it to the wall.