striped home decor trend 2013 Interior Design Blogs

Gone are the days, when sassy prints were in rage, now the trendy prints are in. they lift the boring space and give it an instant facelift. One among them is our favorite polka dots and stripes? Why? It creates a great impact to your home. Whether it is living room or child’s playroom or powder room or even your bedroom it definitely makes the statement. The easiest way to add these prints is to sprinkle them on the wall and look no further than a reputed paint company to help you. The classic black and white polka dots and stripes looks great, but remember select the color combination that matches with rest of the home décor. Remember that the size of the print creates false illusion of space. So, stick to smaller prints for narrow living room and larger ones for big rooms. Another way to add statement to the home is to use both of these prints in home furnishings-or you could opt for a couch in this print or add curtains to the home. Or select playful print for dining chairs if you don’t want to add spice to any other part of home. If bold touches are not your cup of tea, stick to some subtle prints by way of accessories like cushion covers, photo frames, bedspreads, towels, tablemats, coasters, rugs and other kind of knick knacks.

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