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Contemporary Bedroom (2)

Contemporary bedrooms offer a touch of modernity, functionality and class. Because of their minimalist approach, these themes are good for small rooms and apartments, as they are space savers and promote a more useful take on the given floor area.

If you are trying to come up with a contemporary design on your bedroom, then here are some ideas:

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1. Use neutral shades. Contemporary bedrooms are not so fancy when it comes to color schemes, so better use neutral shades instead. White and black may be used as predominant colors especially in the bedroom walls, while browns and organic reds, blues and greens are perfect for accents, such as pillows and side furniture.

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2. Minimize the accents. Contemporary designs focus more on open spaces, so it’s better to limit your accents. One picture frame is enough to hang on the wall, while figurines may be kept on the side tables, so that they won’t create a chaotic effect in the bedroom.

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3. Utilize smooth surfaces. Contemporary interior designs are also not into textured surfaces. You may have to deal with smooth textures instead, as the design is after conformity, function and solace. If you want to place a textured accent around the room, you can then add a few, such as a center rug.

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4.Make your windows look bigger. Lastly, it is important to make the bedroom windows look bigger, as you’re after a wider space. You can do this by using straight plain curtains, or venetian blinds that come in solid neutral colors (white and blue usually work best).