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Have you ever wondered to put rug in your shower? Well, now you can do the same with Aqua Rug. This is a durable mat that goes to the bottom of the shower. Its designed to let the water flow and its stain resistant. It feels great to have a loofah under the feet.

Aqua Rug Accessories

Don’t forget to accessorize it with lily shower curtain, shower system, shower caddy, basket shower caddy, mommy helper safer grip foot rest, etc.

Above all, the aqua rug is available in variety of style, design and texture according to your needs and requirements. This rug can actually help you to stop slipping over the bathroom with those wet and soapy feet. This comfortable mat is an ideal replacement for  a rubber mat that strains the floor underneath and ruin the tiling. Aside from the dirt, it will start developing a mildew that can be really unhealthy. But definitely the best replacement is the Aqua Rug, as it makes dream come true of various persons.

This mat is ideal for small children and older people who have more chances of slipping in the bathroom. The placement of the aqua rug should be done right over the water drain to get the best results.

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