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Curtains are the best way to hide flaws and defects of the doors and windows, but they also have a capacity to make room look spacious or small. If your living room is huge and wide, bright color curtains can make the room look warm and small. And for a small living room, the curtains of light shades are the beat. It can make the room look spacious also it will give height to the room, place the pelmet near to the ceiling and let curtains hang down to the floor. But without curtain rods, everything is incomplete.

Curtain rods, beautifully carved pelmets, valences etc make the curtain look more luxurious and royal. They add depth to the living room. Curtain rods are made from different material like aluminium brass, cast iron, fiber, plastic, steel, wood and wrought iron. These decorative rods with matching curtains, make any living room’s windows and doors decorative masterpieces.