cozy yellow color teen classy bedroom

Yellow color adds a new look to the room. A hint of golden accent always brings a lively look to the room. Moreover, strong saturated tones, like yellow and red keep the kitchen looking chic and makes a contemporary space inviting.


Golden Bathroom


Do you want to add zing to your kids bathroom? Well, add custom mixed orange paint bath tub with shades of pea green and harvest yellow. Ordinary glass vases and masquerade, can be placed as a fancy display cases.

Rustic Dining Room


Lemony yellow walls add glow and warmth to the room. Transform the room with a new look.

Change furnishings


A yellow backdrop sets the perfect scene for Old Europe style furnishing. The headboard and chair with blue tartan fabric,and paintings add grace to the wall.

Add colors and textures


To make the dining room look elegant, place Plywood Thonet chairs and antique items.



Paint the room with yellow color. It sets a soothing tone and give way to cozy bedroom. To make the bedroom look more contemporary is to display paintings and the bed topped with bed cover with a pin-tucked hem works in your best interest.

You can even decorate the master bedroom with bold yellow color; it will certainly make your dreary room more vivacious.